Welcome to the World of Chrome Domz

Welcome to the World of Chrome Domz

Hello! And, welcome to our world of Chrome Domz!

Think of this as our handshake introduction and we are absolutely glad to meet you.

You probably want to know who we are, what we do, and why you should care about us.  We are the brain child of Joe Skelton and a subsidiary of Nemesis Metals, an industrial metal fabrication company.  We specialize in embossed, mirror polished, stainless steel signs and wall décor.  The good stuff.  The high end stuff.  The stuff you are proud to display as a reflection of the things you are passionate about.  Things like your favorite car, your favorite brand, your favorite sports team.  It can even be something custom, like your business logo or your personal man cave or she shed.  Whatever it is, we take it and form it into something that amplifies the look, feel, and presence of it.

We do that using a patented process which allows us to form and emboss the mirror polished stainless steel without damaging or distorting the reflective quality of the metal.  It is a slower and more delicate process than what you see used on "tin tacker" style signs that are hammered out with a stamping process on thin flimsy material.  We also add a powder coated, solid, aluminum backer to our stainless steel front.  This makes it heavier, stronger, more substantial, while also making sure to eliminate thin, sharp edges.  Our typical sign is between 4-10 lbs. of stainless steel and aluminum, as opposed to a few ounces of cheap tin.

But why do you care?  You should care about who we are and what we do, because we care about giving you the best version of wall art and signage that reflects (literally) what you care about.  We have built and fostered relationships with some of the biggest and best brands in the world.  And, we have done that by showing them something they have never seen before.  In a world of cheap, disposable merchandise, we are the exact opposite.  The partnerships we have built using this mindset include, Ford, Chevrolet, Corvette / Corvette Racing, General Motors, Pontiac, Shelby American, Saleen Performance, RTR Performance, Ram, Dodge, Jeep, VP Racing Fuels, Kindigit Designs, Gas Monkey Garage, Superformance, Safir GT40, Greg's Speed Shop, and more.  It seems like every day we get the opportunity to impress a new company or individual person with the way we go about things here at Chrome Domz.

Also noteworthy, is that we are solely and completely made in the USA.  Every aspect of what we do, from art and design, to die creation, to production and assembly, shipping, and customer service is all done under our one roof here in Fond du Lac, WI.  We are a family and team focused crew, heavily involved in our community, and proud of where we live.

Summer in Fond du Lac, WI

We make beautiful products and we live in a beautiful area.  As a way of maintaining that, we are also made of completely recyclable materials.  You may not know this, but Stainless Steel is actually made of up to 90% recycled materials.  It is your old sinks, bathtubs, car panels, and wire, melted down and reused.  We are mirror polished, but we are also green.  And that is pretty cool too.

Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to get to know us.  We hope you will follow along with our adventures, as future posts will mostly be about the places we go, the cool people we meet, and the awesome things we see along the way.

You can also keep up with all the new adventures and new designs by following us on Facebook and Instagram

Shine On!  Cheers!


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