Hot Cars and Cool Nights in Carlisle, PA and Biloxi, MS

It has been a couple of busy weeks here at Chrome Domz!

2 weeks ago we were in Carlisle, Pennsylvania for their Fall Show.  It is always a great time with some with awesome folks.  And, the guys and gals at Top Flight Automotive are fantastic hosts and even better people.

Then it was a quick stop to see our friends at RTR Performance in Charlotte, NC.

From there it was on to Biloxi, Mississippi for the Cruisin' the Coast event, which is absolutely one of the coolest car gatherings in the country.

Honestly, this is just a little bit of a show at tell post to feature some eye candy.

RTR Vehicles 1200 horsepower Mustang Mach-E Electric car 
Buick Super 8 from Cuba 
Buick Super 8 from Cuba 
Awesome VW Bus
Volkswagen Bus Hippie Style
A Couple of Redheads from Chevrolet
Red 55 Chevy
Red C2 Corvette Convertible
A Couple of Blondes from TV (Courtney Hansen and Cristy Lee)
Courtney Hansen and Cristy Lee
A couple more beautiful ladies with a little more wear and tear
Rat Rod 
Rat Rod


That is all we have for you this week.  We are getting all packed up for SEMA at the end of the month.  Can't wait to share all the cool stuff from that!!  It is always a mind blowing experience.  Until then, cheers and...




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